Joseph Vergara: The Visionary Behind Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry

The beginnings of Sep Vergara can be matched to the same characteristics that make a diamond stand out among other kinds of stones. Both are tough and rare. And as time passes, their values will continue to grow and deepen.

Joseph Vergara or simply Sep grew up in around a household that ventured into different kinds of businesses and people around him expected that he would choose the same path. It was not an easy road for Vergara as this niche was revealed to him during a difficult time with the family.

In his Metro. Style interview, Vergara walked the readers back to this chapter of his life. “It started when one of our family businesses, a pawnshop business, was in a state of bankruptcy. I decided that I had to do something because I was close to our employees there. So I said, why not try appraising the diamonds and the jewelry?

To better strengthen his mastery of diamonds, Vergara took a certification class from the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and then took off to sell fine jewelry in Manila online through eBay. By 2008, Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry had made its name in numerous wedding fairs. The brand was also recognized as a platinum jewelry store that is proud to showcase Filipino artistry and creativity in both local and international events.

Vergara was quick to answer the question of what makes his jewelry pieces unique from other brands. “Whenever I’m buying a diamond or a gemstone, I think of the best design for it. When I’m with a client, I check her personality and liking.” With this in mind, Vergara embodies an individual filled with creativity, innovation, and empathy.

Sep Vergara is among the many local creatives that METRO Superbrand features on their website, Metro.Style. METRO started in print media and eventually expanded to become a multi-platform lifestyle brand in the Philippines. The brand publishes best-curated product features, up-and-coming personalities, and trending content from across various genres.