Sep Vergara Shares His Tips to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring on Mega Man’s Magazine

Sep Vergara on MegaMan Magazine Dec 2021

Sep Vergara, armed with the latest knowledge and skills on gems and jewelry, believes that he can impart vital information and useful tips to make his client’s life easy when looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Vergara’s passion for jewelry-making started in 2000 which motivated him to finish the Ruby, Sapphire, & Jade specialty course at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) in Bangkok, Thailand. 

He grew his reach online, and in 2018, his company entered the world of wedding fairs and became one of the most sought-after providers of elegant engagement and wedding bands.

The diamond engagement ring can easily be the first choice of those who want to propose to their partners in a more traditional way. Vergara paved the way to change this practice by launching his very own platinum line in 2019. 

In the December 2021 MEGA Man cover story, Vergara shared that he is still into gold jewelry, but he considers platinum the best metal for rings because of its practicality. He believes that engagement and wedding rings are worn often and most likely exposed to natural elements and tendency to be scratched.

What is Vergara’s winning tip in choosing a platinum engagement ring? “Choose the best metal out there, the one that is exceptionally pure, rarer, denser than fold, and is everlasting.” Above everything else, the engagement ring should embody the love of two people who are bound to open the chapter in their lives.

Aside from an engagement ring being a symbol of commitment, Vergara believes that jewelry pieces that are worn on many occasions eventually grow their value. People give meaning to these fine pieces which can eventually be passed on to the next generations. “There’s a possibility you can pass it on to your next children, and all the memories it has with it,” Vergara mentioned in the interview with MEGA Man. “I recommend that people buy jewelry they can enjoy using to make the most out of it.,” he added.